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Presentation Skills for Business
  Basic Course Price:
US$100 per license, minimum 25 users

5% discount for 50, or more users
15% discount for 100, or more users

License allows unlimited user access to the online program for a period of 2 months.

Deployment and Evaluation Package Price:  US$3,500

(see next column for details)

  Total Course Investment:
25 Users : US$6,000 ($240 per participant)
50 Users: US$8,250 ($165 per participant)
100 Users: US$12,000 ($120 per participant)
  Effective December 2016  
Deployment & Evaluation Services Package:
Initial Deployment
Create client version of the training site
Set up client access to site, license numbers, expiry date, etc
Consult with the client IT staff regarding any technical questions or concerns
> Training up to 2 client administrators
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