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For over twenty years, Blue Thistle Consultants have been teaching public speaking skills to senior executives, politicians and media stars around the world. The system used dispels 90% of the conventional wisdom surrounding public speaking, and thousands of people worldwide have benefitted from employing the simple techniques we teach to improve the way they communicate in their everyday business life. 

Until now, these programs have only been available one on one or in group sessions with a Blue Thistle qualified trainer. Whilst this remains a highly effective way to deliver our programs, the reality is that companies have senior executives spread across the globe, working in different time zones. The cost of one on one training can be significant, particularly when you take into account not just the course fees, but travel for participants who take part plus valuable time away from their daily work.

This is why we have responded to the growing demand to develop our most popular program into an on-line course. Simply put, this means that a company can buy a license for the program and have their chosen staff complete the program on-line, where they want and when they want.

  Considerable research and development time has gone into perfecting the program which includes high quality video instruction, quizzes, printable summary pages and a high level of trainee interaction. The entire program is accessible via a system administrator level which allows you to track the performance of each of your staff as they complete the program.

Additionally, Blue Thistle E-Learning Ltd offers a “System Deployment Package”, where we manage on your behalf implementation, technical support and administrative follow up on the system, along with a “Train the Trainer” program by which we provide one on one training to your HR staff so that they can supervise

The Blue Thistle E-Learning program is an indispensable teaching aid for companies that want to give high level training to a large number of executives, in diverse locations, for a fraction of the costs involved with one on one or group training sessions.

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